Monday, October 26, 2009

Why it's important..

to read the directions, even on your own design.

See those ties? They're supposed to be about 1.25" higher than they are.

I am not taking it apart to fix it. If I had noticed it sooner I'd have fixed them...maybe.

I'm fairly happy with the bag other than that..

and I'm loving the paisley applique :)

In other news, I just finished this new bag in Hot Blossom, coming soon to an Artfire, Etsy or eBay store near you!

So, How about a giveaway!
I have a copy of Peppermint Twist Tree skirt by Briarwood Cottage that I will send to a lucky person.

How do you enter?
Leave a comment here with a sewing mistake you've made that you *didn't* fix!

That's it!
A winner will be selected using on Thursday and will be announced in the Sew and Tell Fridays post.

Good Luck and even better sewing!


Jackie said...

I once sewed a sash onto my daughter's homecoming dress when the zipper looked wonky around the waist area :P

Anonymous said...

You know those little side handles on wristletts and cosmetic bags? Well, I was making about 5 at the same time and one of them ended up with two handles. Didn't discover it until I was all done. I now have my very own bag for my purse with 2 handles! It creates some interesting discussions!

rita w

Anonymous said...

Your bag is lovely.

A mistake I made: Not checking to make sure scraps were thrown away, and I accidentally quilted a piece of scrap onto the back of my quilt.

Thank you for visiting and leaving the kind comment.

Lisa said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Love your bags.

sewtakeahike said...

oh no!! I just got to your comment about the giveaway, and I've missed it. I'll go ahead and play along anyway! I quite often don't fix my mistakes when I'm sewing unless it messes with the functionality of what I'm making or makes it sit funny or pulls weird. I have only unpicked quilting once even though my quilting is never perfect!