Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New stash?

Originally I bought most of these prints for my store, but now that they are here, I just don't think I want to sell any of them!

A compromise may just be in order here..I'm sure that a yard or 2 making it's way into my personal fabric stash wouldn't be missed, would it?

While I mull it over, I should get to pinning..note the "should" in that sentence. Since Minion 2 has a Doc's appointment smack in the middle of my day today I'm *not* going to pin, instead I'm going to cut and piece a topper for my coffee table, that will match my new living room quilt that I will be making using Amanda Jean's Tute from yesterday.

I'll be using mostly flights of fancy by Paula Prass. For the center panels of both the quilt and the quilt inspired topper, I will be using Ocean Par Avion. Of course, I only have a 1 yard cut of the par avion in my stash, so while I'm waiting for the 2 yard cut needed for the quilt I'm going to start on the topper.

I'm not entirely sold on the brown for the background..I may end up popping over to Hobby Lobby to grab some Espresso Kona..It will depend on how it looks when my pieces are all cut.

So time to get at it, hopefully I'll have a table topper to share with you soon!

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