Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sew and Tell Friday on Thursday

Wow..After missing several, I actually have a finished project for Friday's Sew and Tell!

This originally started out as a gift...but upon reflection and discussion with Hubby, it was decided that the other idea we had would be appreciated more and so the completed top went into the "thought about finishing it" pile.

Last night I was feeling a bit "crafty" and was in the mood for handwork. I could have cross stitched, and I should more often, but instead I decided to pin and quilt this runner so I could hand sew the binding on.

I have to say that I'm glad I did.

The top is my own design using using a few cuts from a Crazy eights turnover from Moda and an ivory/cream solid.

The binding is the same Fabric Traditions print that was pieced with the ivory for the back of the runner.

I am still trying to find my quilting style..Stippling works for now, but I honestly think this would have been awesome quilted in pebble quilting. I did write my pattern as I made it, so I will be able to duplicate it in non holiday fabrics. The plan is to practice pebble quilting a lot so I can try it on this design :)

I love how the swirls in the triangles show so well on the back, I hope I didn't under/over quilt it, I want a nice crinkly finish without it being too "bunched" to use on my table.