Friday, September 24, 2010

Christmas Crafting from the couch

So I've been banned from the sewing machine this past week due to a muscle spasm in my back.
It's been kind of nice not being allowed to do anything.....OK, so that is as far from the truth as you can get!

It's truly amazing how not being able to do your normal daily thing makes you realize just how much you do without even paying attention!

Like Housework. I'm not talking about heavy cleaning, just the little things, Vacuuming, keeping up with the dishes, Taking out the trash, switching laundry....all these things you do just because they need done.
Or cooking..or sewing...or well...even normal movement in general for no reason than to shift positions!

My husband will tell you, this week we discovered that I am just TERRIBLE at the whole laying still and resting thing, unless I'm asleep from the muscle relaxers. Eventually I started listening and am not pushing myself to do more than I should though, and can feel improvement.

Anyhow, since I wasn't allowed to do much of anything I did some Christmas present crafting from my couch. 1 more nephew (I had to get more chalkboard paint, his is now painted and ready for some podge) to go and then I can work on their bags. There is still a bit of touching up to be done, and I'm thinking about adding a bit of ribbon..we'll see.

I've got a few extra clipboards I'm going to do up for the keep your eye open for those coming soon!

I also made up a pumpkin garland for my door that Hubby built me (oh that's right I hadn't told you all about that!)
Since most of the doorways in our house are arched, including the one to my studio, Hubby custom built this screen door to keep our cats out and away from my fabrics. I love that because it's screened and not solid I am not shut away from the rest of the household.

I had mod podged fabric scraps all the way around the door where the screen is attached. Then added the word create with a flower across the brace. The scraps still need some trimming done to them..I'll get to it eventually I'm sure LOL!
Time for a bit of breakfast,

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