Tuesday, October 12, 2010

DIY Dish "Basic" bag

This was actually a easy bag to make, You're afraid of the pleats you say?

Well, They do a very good job of explaining how to do them, and they are seriously easy peasy.

Just one thing, if you are like me and prefer a bag with a bit of substance and form, fuse some interfacing or batting to your outerbag pieces before you sew down the sides.

Also, even if you don't interface the bag, you might want to consider adding batting to your strap..I know my purse tends to get a bit heavy and the extra padding really does make a difference.

So here's my version, done exactly as directed in the webisode. Ok, I'm off to make one with my changes and see how it goes :)

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MandMStudio said...

Such a cute bag,,,I love the fabric that you choose