Friday, January 28, 2011

Thrifting and crafting and Sewing oh my!

Part 1: Thrifting

Can you say Score?

Yesterday I needed to make a run south to add some inventory to my booth. Normally there's at least 1 person going with me but it worked out that yesterday I made the trip alone.

Now, if you've been a reader of my blog for a little while, you know that I am a shopaholic, And I don't mean in the tongue in cheek kind of way. so making this trip was a big step for me. Armed with $20 that was mine to spend in any manner I chose (shopaholic = cash only and a strict budget!) I went on my way with the plans to stop at a number of my favorite non chain stores to shop, which included several thrift stores, an indoor flea market and 3 antique malls.

Well, I only made it to 2 of the thrifts stores BUT I stayed under budget even though I desperately wanted to buy more. When the cash was gone I canceled the rest of my stops, as to not push the temptation to reach for my reserve emergency card too far, and went on down the road.

Thanks to sales and bundling, I stretched that 20 bucks as far and possible, then tugged a bit more out of it!

My unpictured haul: 3 vintage pillowcases, 1 vintage table cloth prepped for embroidery, still new in the package, 3 cornicopias, 8 porcelain knobs, a wood basketball game, a handmade wood marionette, 2 unopened packs of green bead garland, a wood candle stick, a snowman jar, 3 belts (have an idea for these!) and some ric rac.
Oh! and just because I love it so, Here's a picture of my vintage tablecloth I picked up on a previous approved trip :)

If you would like to see close up pics of the vintage sheets, you can find them here.
Stay tuned for part 2..Crafting!

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Jennie {Clover and Violet} said...

I am a shopaholic too! Especially in the quilt shop, or Target... I find the best remedy is to have my baby with me, because then I have less time to browse!