Sunday, February 13, 2011

My shopping and crafting list...

Ok, here's my shopping list for the upcoming spring project..My Dining room!

Cost: $16.95

Cost: $17.95

Cost: $16.95

Cost: $4.95 ea Qty: 3

Cost: $7.95 ea. qty: 6

And though they are OOS..Iwould love to have a set of the crown China..Hopefully they will get more in stock.

These aren't for the dining room, but I've been looking for the perfect towel holder for my vintage tea towels in my Kitchen and I think this is it :)

Cost: $9.95 Qty: 2
And this I just love and think it needs to reside in my craft room, don'y you?
Cost: $5.95

On the list for creating my own versions:

And wow..I love these curtains..I borrowed the picture from The Shabby Chic Cottage
Gina is amazing, Click on the picture to see her fabulous cottage bathroom..Love. it.!
I guess I'd better get my rear in gear decluttering so that as soon as it warms up I can get started!!!

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