Sunday, March 6, 2011

Library mini Update

Well, As usual, I gave myself an unatainable goal with the Library. That's something I need to work on. I'm only 1 person and there was really no way I could have gotten the entire thing done in 1 day. Of course after the first day I got very busy and haven't had the chance to work on it since :/

Here's an update of some of what I did get accomplished on it the other day.

This corner is completely done for now. After all of the painting (whole house) is done I will hopefully start working on crown moulding, But that is later..Maybe by the end of summer. The book shelf has been loaded with some of the classics made simpler for the younger set, and a few favorite series (unfornate events, Twilight etc) As well as all of my crafting books and binders. These will eventually need to be gone through as well, but for right now at least they have a home.

I do really love the color, It still feels light and airy, but with some warmth. I will be making my own window treatments for the space in the next month or 2, and I'm hoping to purchase some White Bamboo blinds as well. This afternoon I'm off to pick up a teacart that will serve as a table, and then I will back to painting!

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