Thursday, May 26, 2011

Timeout Thursday 2, and why it isn't 3.

I am so sorry..I missed last Thursday's Timeout post.

What can I say. Life happens and I'm still trying to establish the blogging habit. I *love* blogging. I am constantly thinking about what I should blog about, or I will try something new and think "I need to write a post about that!", or mean to share a before and after project and completely forget to take the before and during shots.

The problem comes from my long standing, bad habit of procrastination. And by long standing I mean one of my most vivid childhood memories is of my Grandmother telling me that I needed to not procrastinate so much. I was young, probably 1st or 2nd grade and when I asked what the word meant I was sent to the dictionary to look it up and it became my very first word of the week. I don't remember a lot of those..and there were many, but that first one has always stood out in my mind.

Now, while the word, definition, and spelling stuck with me, unfortunately so did the act of putting things off.
I'm working on it, but sometimes it's hit and miss. So now that the boring part is over, lets move on to the fun shall we?

Oh my goodness, look how sweet these cupcake stands from Nothing but country are!!

And this seahorse from Make the best of what's around?  LOVE!!! I seriously need to find a similar one for my bath!

This bow pillow from see Kate sew is too sweet, and will be a perfect fit for my loft library seating!

And I just had to include this fun project, Messy mimi's Monopoly money bucket is just too caaaute!

So that's it for this week's timeout Thursday, I hope to be back over the next couple of days with a project or 2 of my own!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Samplings

Today has been a gorgeous day so far, with only a minimum of the scattered showers and none of the t-storms that were predicted. All of which suited me just fine because I got to go do a bit of yard sale shopping today!

Now, thanks to the Hubsters warning of last week that if I brought home one more stick of furniture before we got some projects finished he was going to start carting stuff to the curb I passed on a real cutie of a stand..which I'm regretting a little but I'll get over it lol. But I did manage to find a few real good deals.

I hit 8 yard sales today, at the first one these fabrics were marked $2.00 for each print, there are at least 2 yards of each, and the oranges are more like 4 yds!
At a different yard sale I picked up a Picture (for the frame of course) for $1.00, and 6 sweet little gavanized planters for some herbs for $1.50.
At a third, a vintage quilt book for $1.00
The 4th and 5th were busts, 1 was all baby stuff and the other was way over priced.
The 6th was a doozy

See those cones? That's sewing thread, 6,000 yards of coats, brand new still in their sealed plastic...$.25 each!! I picked up 2 of each color and plan to share the wealth with my sisters in law. I also picked that picture up there for another whopping $.25 making my grand total at that yard sale $3.25.

at the 7th stop I picked up 6 locker drawer fronts like these:

from the PBTeens locker bed in orange and green for $.50 each. I'm going to make some rolling under bed storage and I have an idea for Minion 3's reading nook for a couple as well.
The last yardsale didn't have much, it started to rain and I was hungry and just about to the end of my $20 budget, so I headed home and unloaded.
Just as I was about to grab a quick sammich and write this up, Hubby poked his head in my office and invited me out to lunch and a quick stop in at the local half price books. I, of course, jumped right back up and we had a wonderful outing with just the 2 of us, and now I have Nora Roberts' The Search to read tomorrow!

Wow, time sure flies! I need to get get dinner started! Fortunately I had planned ahead and have had some steak cubed and in some bourbon street marinade with some mushrooms and onions since yesterday. I'll toss those in a skillet, add some baked potato and a salad and call it dinner ;)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Dinette before and after

About a month and a half ago I was on a mission. I wanted a 2 seater table for my kitchen. At first my vision had a more retro country feel with one of those little rectangle farmhouse drop leaf tables, and while $100-$150 isn't a bad price for one, it was more than I wanted to pay. so I kept looking, knowing that eventually the perfect table would eventually be found.

Well one morning while on my way to take Minion 2 to an estate sale--Longer story, I will fill you in on that at a later date.--we stopped by a moving sale, and the clouds parted and a golden beam of light shone down upon this diamond in the rough!.

Ok, it didn't really happen like that, but this set was on their porch so I asked if they might be going to sell it too. They said sure, we'd take $25 for it, and just like that it was mine!
I just love the mid century mod lines and  it was actually in pretty darn good condition already.

It's taken me this long to get it finished, due to weather and illness, but today I finally felt well enough to get the chair seats covered and here she is now!
The paint is Krylon Cherry Red, The fabric is DSQuilts (found in Joann Fabrics) I love it!
Oh..and less than a week after I bought this I found a vintage oval drop leaf set for $25..Did I get it anyway? Oh you bet I did! LOL

Ok, it's time to go get some groceries, a week on the couch has meant a lot of meal rearranging, Hubby has been wonderful, and I wish I hadn't been so sick so I could have enjoyed the weeks worth of someone else cooking dinner!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

new weekly feature: Timeout Thursdays

So here I am, riding the couch. no sewing, no crafting, no cleaning, no anything. I awoke Sunday morning (Happy Mom's day to me right?) with a headache, sore throat, fever and feeling like I'd smoked about 5 packs of cigarettes...and I've been tobacco free for 2 years. Anyhow long story short, I went to my docs and I have bronchitis.

 Today marks the 3rd day of antibiotics, which is another way to say that I feel almost 100%, as long as my rear is parked on the couch not doing anything.

The bright side is that I'm getting caught up on my blog reading, the down side is that I have to restrain myself from getting up and doing any of the items on my oh so long to do list, and because I'm getting caught up on my blog reading I'm adding more and more projects to that same list!

This got me thinking, Why not institute a feature day?
Thus Timeout Thursdays is born!

This will give the the chance to stay current with my fave blogs, and introduce my readers to blogs and projects they may have been missing out on, Like this one from Flamingo Toes;
Love, love, love the chicken wire!

Or this beauty from Dreamingincolor

so sweet!

and this Vintage sheet turned dress from The Cottage Home just makes me wish I had a little girl to sew for:
and her bowl covers are so cute and perfect for every pot luck gathering!

Hopefully I will be back soon with projects of my own to share in the meantime I will just continue to drool over everyone else's!