Wednesday, September 21, 2011

No sewing

For me right now, my back is out of order again :( Which really bites as I have 3 of my new clutches, 2 shoulder bags, a quilt and a slip cover waiting to be finished at the shop. My doc gave me some scrips though so hopefully I will be able to get back at it before too much longer :) In the mean-time I am just taking things easy and trying not to aggravate the situation ;)

I do have some new stuff to share though, before my back started screaming I had gotten a few new designs whipped up and in the shop, and also a couple of other items finished and gifted.
These key chains are collaborations with my Mom, she crochets the fronts and backs, then I sew them together, stuff them and bead them. They are in the shop, and will be on etsy soon!

Cute little patchwork baby blanket, 32" x 32", no batting, but has a fleece backing. lightweight, but still snuggly warm.

Pleated shoulder bag, Also in the shop, and will be available on etsy later in the week.

 The butterfly bag in the picture was a narket bag I made to wrap This special young couple's housewarming gifts. The apron I made is actually for Alyssa, but Todd is a good sport and let her try it on him LOL!.

A better picture of the apron.

This is a quilt for my Doctor, she is expecting her second baby boy. I am using the no triangle zig zag pattern by AmandaJean of Crazy Mom quilts.

 My newest bag design. I made this clutch to match the outfit I wore to the housewarming party, I've 3 more almost ready, they will hopefully be in the shop soon!

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