Friday, September 9, 2011

wow, a month since my last post!

my only excuse is just that, an excuse. We've been extremely busy getting my quilt shop up and going. and while there is still bolt shelving to build, and fabrics to moved in to place, the rest of it has come along nicely!

The piece I'm most proud of so far has to be my sales counter.
Here's the before (the one with the new wood added):
My antique General store counters!!
Sorry for the bad picture, Had hubby not reminded me I wouldn't have even this picture to show for the before!! This is after the base was cut down by about 4 inches. These had been sitting in a basement for years and had some extensive water rot all along the bottom. The new wood being added is for an open shelf all along the bottom for some vintage knock off wood crates we are going to build. The second piece on the other side of the picture is an identical unit, it just needed more work and isn't completely finished yet.

the back is real tongue and groove beadboard with the pretty side facing in, and the dilemma of restoring versus painting was resolved by the time factor. I couldn't decide what color to paint it, So after much debate I decided I was going to white wash it. Unfortunately, it made it just look dirty
But then I thought, what if I added some color and went with a beachy look? It worked!!

and here's my sales counter now:
as you can see, I need to touch up the white washing inside the shelves, but I love it. On the top I used my Silhouette to cut stencils in different fonts for all words crafty in nature, Fabric, quilt, craft, sew, thread etc., but I don't have a close up picture of it right now.

I can't wait to share more of the pictures of the shop with you all, we did open last weekend, but the "Grand" opening isn't until October 1, and I will be sure to take a lot of pictures of everything being finished!

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