Thursday, June 7, 2012

Couponing Envelopes

 I am a coupon-er, no not an extreme coupon-er, ( because frankly the show is faked. But I won't get on my soapbox about that today) But I do alright, averaging about 68-72 % savings over all. And yes I keep track, I've got a spreadsheet broken down by store that gives me averages for saving via loyalty cards alone, coupons alone and total combined. on top of that, the cover page totals each store into a over all break down, including how much actual cash I've spent for how much value. Wish I was as compulsive about other financials. 

  So anyhow, on Sundays when I go out to get my papers (5 each week unless the inserts are extremely valuable to us), I usually clip and sort my coupons into my binders, grab the ads and make my shopping lists for Friday. Previously, I had been using envelopes for each store to hold my lists and accompanying coupons..but they are tattered and needed replaced. So today, I sat down and worked out some fabric envelopes to use instead.

I love me some red and aqua, and they will coordinate well with my binder cover when I locate the project bag (still buried in the shop inventory that is still taking up space in my garage and basement- sigh - )
I made 8 of them, which is one for each grocery store and Target, and one for the drug stores combined since I typically just price match their ads at Walmart. I still need to make one for my craft store coupons, but I have a multi pocket one in the planning stages for them.

Come back Saturday for a full step by step tutorial!


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