Friday, July 6, 2012

2 quilts and a table runner

This week I finally got some tops pinned. quilted and bound. Both quilts are for boys, both part of this week's Decades BCA auction.
The first one is "Flyboys" The inspiration for this quilt were the US aviators that flew into battle in 1942 during World War II. Having a son who wants to be a pilot,  a father who was a aviation mechanic,  A Grandfather who fought as a marine in the pacific, and having married into a Navy strong family, this one strikes close to home, and had it been a larger size, would have become Minion 3's upon completion. As it is, I've squirreled away some of these fabrics to make him one, shhh...don't say anything though, he isn't aware ;)

The second quilt is "Space Race" and was inspired by the Moon landing, and all things space inspired and futuristic from the 1960's. This one doesn't have a bat, I used a fleece backing and felt it would be too heavy with both.

And lastly I was able to finish one of my many table runners awaiting quilting and bindings.
This one will go in my etsy shop.
well, off to cook dinner!

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