Thursday, July 12, 2012

Other sewing..

No new blocks for any of my quilt alongs today. I got hit with something last night..sudden sweating, nausea, head pounding dizziness..I ended up going to bed very shortly after, cutting our evening short. today is better, I feel a bit trembly, and the head pounding has been on again off again, but it seems manageable at the moment.

I did get some creativity in today. I've got a package going out to one of my favorite Blogger's, who is also a favorite fabric and pattern designer.
I'm hoping beyond all hopes I will be able to ship my mailing pouch as is, but I might have to hide it in an ugly box or envelope. I guess I'll see in the morning when it goes to the p.o.

Time to go cook dinner...Sure wish I had an idea of what to fix lol!

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