Saturday, May 18, 2013

Reclaimed linens 3, a new bag

Today I have a new bag I made last night. I wanted something cross body, and was thinking of a small hipster style, but, the embroidery design on this vintage towel was begging to become a messenger flap, and well, I can't sell them all.



So less tell, more show ;)

Isn't she just darling??

No lining on her..I didn't want to lose any of the side striping.  Bottom fabric is DS quilts, top was a vintage pillowcase.

Back of bag, top fabric is a repro from Hobby Lobby, and is one of my favorite fabrics ever.

The strap, it worked perfectly..I just cut a strip from the bottom of the still sewn together on 2 sides pillowcase, and ended up with cuff and lace on both ends. The buttons? LOVE. Just sayin'.

Lining is another pillow case, and the pocket is the discarded end of the towel with a bit of lace. I have to have a clip in my bags, after locking my keys in the truck once, I now keep the lock fob separate from my keys, and on the leash so it doesn't get lost.

Today I am heading out with a couple of friends to yard sale..Cross your fingers for me, I'm running out of cut-able embroidery pieces!


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