Sunday, December 27, 2009

Meet Harold..

Harold is the newest member of our household. He was "born" in the wee hours of the morning and was originally intended to be available for purchase. Until I heard the simple and sweet "Can I keep him?" from my youngest son. I, of course, could not even think of saying no. He's growing so quickly, and has reached that age when they start losing interest in the simple joy of a stuffed friend.

My husband and I are fortunate that our children have a very well defined sense of sentimentality and Family. It makes me proud to see them conversing with the older members of our family, to know they are well and truly interested in what their elders have to say, and knowing the history that is being passed verbally from old to young.

This same trait is what makes a 17 year old take an active interest in his Great Grandma , a 14 yr old to look for links to anyone with the same last name because they may be family, and an eleven yr old boy use a sunbonnet sue quilt, because his Dad's Granny made it, or have a crocheted rose because his Mom's Mom made it, and adopt a sock monkey and name him Harold because his Mom made it "From socks? just 1 pair? really? cool!".

Truly, I am blessed.


grandmarockton said...

YES , this is what FAMILY should mean to ALL of us! May GOD bless them

AdronsCatherine said...

That is awesome!