Wednesday, January 16, 2019

New year, New direction

It has been a minute since my last post, and even longer since posting regularly.

I've missed blogging. A lot.

Last fall, a lengthy forced "vacation"  made me realize some things. First and foremost being, that I had let my small business take over my entire life.

Everything revolved around making product, takings pictures of product, listing product, stocking booths and shops, paperwork, keeping up with trends in fabrics and styles, setting up at markets, and more.

A change needed to happen, and after a talk with my husband, who agreed wholeheartedly, I decided to take a step back to being a professional crafter status vs an official small business.

I will still sell some of my creations, I will still do 1 or 2 shows a year and you will still be able to buy my goods (albeit a smaller selection) through Hillbilly Hippie LLC in Mechanicsburg Oh., it will just be done so on a more manageable scale.

What this also means is more time for blogging, cross stitching, reading, redecorating, building and gardening,

It means I will have the time to pursue other interests such as making youtube videos and tuorials, (something I've wanted to do for several years) bookbinding and more.

But mostly, it will mean a better quality of life and well being for our family.

Until next time,
Stay crafty!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sweet vintage kitty pillow

I recently acquired some of the cutest Vintage kitty and puppy scraps via the bay.

I couldn't open this package fast enough when it came in, and immediately sat down and sewed up this sweet little accent pillow!

 After fussy cutting one of the kitties, I added some Maywood Studios vintage inspired prints, and finished it with vintage trims

It will be for sale in my facebook group here and a new favorite here

Until next time!

Monday, October 5, 2015

An experiment in quilt binding.

I am so excited about this one..
a lot of time, I will have an idea and it fails, miserably, but this experiment went SO well, I LOVE the finished result!

I've not *seen* an actually ruffled binding before, only faux bindings, and the occasional ruched rounded corner.  It took 10 times longer to do than a traditional binding but it was so worth it!

Would you just look at all of that ruffly goodness??  Almost makes me want to have another baby (not..just kidding universe!)
 Oh..and the rose fabric? yeah..I recently scored yardage of OOP Paris Bebe fabrics, so you'll be seeing more shabbiness coming from me :)

And here's some gratuitous shots.

This is my favorite frame ever, I found this in a little shop in the make an offer pile..$5 later and she was mine. Brought her home, cleaned her up and gave her a coat of my own chalk paint mix.