Monday, December 14, 2009

Ok, so it's been

a few weeks since my last post. I have no defense, I'm easily distracted..and Facebook is very addicting. I have still been sewing a bit from time to time, but mainly I've just been trying to clean up and out some of the unecessary things we seemed to have accumulated over the years.

Of course, sometimes you just have to get a little something new....ish.

Hubby and I were out shopping last Friday and we stopped by the local thrift shop to pick up this revolving slat board rack I'd found there the week before.

While there, I spotted this fantastic iron chair..for $9.98!!!

Hubby, (sweet, sweet man that he is) bought it for me with a shake of his head..he doesn't understand my compulsion to aquire furniture, nor does he know where on earth we'll find room for it, but then, neither do I LOL!!

I'm thinking it just needs a white wash, and maybe an Ava Rose or Darla..hmm..or Flights of fancy..maybe some fairy tip toes? I guess I need to either think about it some more, or just make some slip covers so I can change it out LOL.

Now for some textile about a couple of sneak peeks? I can't show all of them, as they are gifts for readers of my blog here, but here's a couple of just about finished Gifts..

And this isn't a gift, but I just finished this quilt top today..I used Amanda Jean's tutorial here

This is my "test" quilt, before I cut into my Flights Of Fancy or Be Merry prints I wanted to make sure I liked it in person as much as I like Amanda Jean's. So far so good :). I did change it up just a bit. Instead of mixing up the 2 1/2" strips for a randomness, I elected to plan these to "fade" from blue to lavender and back up to pink, back down to lavender, and so on. I really like the effect for this particular fabric collection.

I'm hoping to get it pinned and quilted before the weekend so I will still have time to get a Be Merry one made, but I have to finish the gifts first!!

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