Thursday, December 24, 2009

Super easy fruit turnovers

I whipped some of these up last night and while they aren't french pastry quality, they are a good quick and easy substitute.

I was kind of winging it, so you won't get any precise measurements or times or even pictures in this recipe, I'll save those for when I've got the longer version of the recipe down ;)

For these you will need:
Pillsbury Crescent *sheets* (these are fairly new..but awesome!!)

fruit pie filling (I used apple and cherry..shh..don't tell but it was canned!)

Powdered sugar

dusting of flour

each can of "crust" will make 2 large OR 8 small turnovers.

I opted for the small size so that I could have a taste without going overboard, so that is what I will write the instructions for.

1.Preheat oven according to 350f

2.If necessary spray a cookie sheet with non stick cooking spray. My wonderful husband got me the most fantastic Kenmore brand cookie sheet..I've used it just about every day for the last week bare (this includes making 5 of those small frozen pizzas that sticks to everything!) and food still just slides off.

moving on LOL!

3.Lightly dust your working surface with flour, this is just to keep your dough from sticking.

4.lay your sheet out flat, you should have a long rectangle, cut in half to create 2 as equal as possible "squares". If you were making the large turnover you would stop here and add filling, but we want to go ahead and cut each of those squares into fourths.

5.Spoon just shy of a tablespoon of pie filling onto the crust about 3/4 of an inch from the edges of the bottom left corner(for the cherry it was 3 cherries..beware the syrup, it tends to gush out the sides when you fold the crust over!)

6.Pull the top right corner up and fold over to meet the bottom left corner, matching side edges and finger crimping to seal. Move to prepared cookie sheet. Repeat this process until all 8 are ready for baking.

7. Bake until light golden brown. Transfer to platter and drizzle with powder sugar glazing icing.

The icing is something that is just done to taste. I started with about 1 cup of powdered sugar (for 3 batches of turnovers..and I had WAY too much) and a splash of vanilla. add a bit of milk and mix. add either more milk or more powdered sugar until you get your desired taste and consistency. transfer to a baggie and cut one of the bottom "tips". drizzle over turnovers.

8. Enjoy!!!