Friday, February 26, 2010

Sew and Tell Fridays 6 and Other projects

Not a lot of sewing to be had here the last couple of weeks..I've been working on a major fabric clean out and sewing room rearranging and reorganizing.

But I did manage to get a couple of totes whipped up for the TPAB Ebay spring into Easter launch

My favorite project of the studio redo has to be my newly covered task chair and tabletop ironing board

And just finished about an hour ago is Harriet, Harold's not-so-evil-twin sister

She is a birthday gift for my oldest boy's best friend.

I have a busy sewing week ahead of me, I've got an order to finish and my Mini quilt swap quilt to get made. I've got it sketched out and fabrics selected, I just want to get a copy made so I can prep my applique pieces before I start sewing.

I'm linking up to Sew and Tell over at Amy's blog..Check it out, there's a LOT of talented ladies linking up!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sew and Tell Fridays 5

I haven't been anywhere near as productive as I would have liked the last 2 weeks, the whole household was down with the cruds for about a week and Between that, 2 birthdays, trying to get my spring cleaning done (a couple of months early, but I mean seriously, who really wants to waste that gorgeous spring weather cleaning?) and trying to sort through my fabrics so I can liquidate some of it, I feel like I've barely sewn at all!

I have though, since my last post I've completed/shipped 3 custom orders, a Seuss Cradle set, a Seuss crib quilt and a Cogsmo Toddler rag quilt bedding set..Which turned out SO cute I have to share it :)

I also finished another tote, and I'm thinking I will be adding these style of pockets inside more often:

and I've been working on a baby quilt. The top and back is done, and it has been pinned Now I just have to find some time to get it quilted so I will have a binding project!

I actually love having bindings to do, over the past year Hubby and I have been watching more TV in the evenings, and I like having handwork to work on while we do..who knew? LOL!

Here's a little sneak of the quilt..and now you know where the inspiration for the tote came from ;)

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