Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Joining in on the fun

Kelly and the gang from the Charming Guys and Girls blogs are "sharing stash" and while I'm still actively working on organizing and cleaning my office/studio, I'm going to join in on the fun :)

This is my "closet" Hubby built for me, it's 6' x 7' and no..I don't think I could fit any more fabric in there without super strength LOL!Anything more than a yard gets hung on a hanger here.

There are cup hooks on the outside end for unfinished quilty things, right now there is a top, a pinned quilt, a top and backing that needs pinned, my topper for the living room (yep, still waiting to be finished!) and an Easter runner that needs binding. Those 3 bags hold other projects..they are only there temporarily until they have a home of their own.
This dresser holds my smaller cuts of fabrics that are bigger than 13" x WOF, They are bolted on Hardboard that hubby cut to fit the drawers and are actually organized by color!
This dresser hold most of my flannels, they are just folded any which way I could get them to fit right now.
Some recent acquisitions (PEZ!!) and a few pieces I cut off of some yardage to be destashed sit on top of that dresser
Along with my buttons, and other hardware & bits n bobs, some patterns and my remnants
Under my cutting table are several plastic totes with fabric and the last of my handbag interfacing (note to self: time to order more soon!)
And in the interest of keeping it pseudo-real, here's a basket full of recently washed but still need pressed and sorted fabrics.
I use the term pseudo-real quite simply because this isn't all of my fabric by any means of the imagination..there's at least this much MORE in the basement, and still a bit in the dining room to be brought in, but if I don't clean out and organize in smaller doses it's too much and I end up doing nothing and the mess drives me (and Hubby) crazy and I get a bit psycho (really..just ask the menfolk LOL)

So there you have it, my insanity..err..stash.
You can now say you've had the 5 cent tour of the mind of a mad woman LOL!!!


Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Oh, I'm drooling over here! What an awesome stash you have! I'm "mad" about it LOL! And, how neat that your hubby built you that wonderful storage space! Thank you so much for sharing in the fun, Michelle! Oh, and I'm still drooling over that bag you made at the sewing party, too!

Anonymous said...

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djStoreRoom said...

Wow... I am envy of your fabric stash, and you say there is more??? Thats such a neat storage place you have.. Its almost like, visiting a real life b&m store!!~!~!