Thursday, August 30, 2012

A work in progress...again.

So recently we came to the conclusion that the basement sewing space we set up, directly across from where Bill works from home, and diagonal from Michael's School computer, isn't working out. Unfortunately, Jan (my machine) is just too loud when her walking foot gets to going. 

 (That dresser is going,  the heart back chair will hopefully stay after the slip cover is finished for it.)
On the one hand, I'm kind of glad, I can't listen to music when Bill is working or Michael is doing school, and well, I like a lot of natural light and my little basement window just wasn't cutting it. AND this will mean we don't have to cut down the cutting table from the shop..If I keep the majority of my supplies in my basement space, I have enough space in my old-new room for it as is. Which is really awesome, it is perfect for pinning quilts, and the height kept my back from hurting when I was cutting fabric. I'm hoping that If there is room, I will be able to talk the guys into moving my aqua shelving up here too...But as they've already stated that it had to stay where they put it after the last move, I'm not going to hold my breath lol.

So if I'm not posting much, it's not because I have disappeared or anything, I'm just working on getting the room emptied and the important things moved back upstairs and set up. my plan is to be sewing again by next Friday!!

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

It's fun making a new space to create in again. =) See you when you get back!

Love that heart back chair!