Thursday, October 11, 2012

A little quilting and a new challenge to myself

Tuesday was a great sewing day for me. I don't get to sew as much as I used to, my priorities have shifted back into 50's housewife...or as my Mom calls it "Suzy Homemaker" mode. Which I am perfectly happy about, though I do miss sewing every day. My hope is to perhaps be able to squeeze in an hour everyday, after I've tweaked our daily schedule to allow for everything else to get done.

One of the many changes I'm working on is to shop my stash, I've got a horrendous amount of fabric, and I struggle with always wanting to buy more. I've pledged to not buy ANYthing crafty in the next 6 weeks, and to work strictly from my stash. this goes for general crafting as well as sewing. The only caveat to this is in regards to batting and bindings, and binding simply because I don't have any deep dark almost black fabric in my stash, and I feel that the quilt I worked on last night needs it for the binding, and I'm low on larger pieces of batting.

So in the interests of doing some stash busting, I put together this quick little disappearing nine patch quilt. I love the patchy happy colors of this. I made it using a Happy Daisy charm pack. It's backed in Yellow Flannel and the binding is Tarragon Kona.  It's the perfect size for a baby, a table topper, or even a wall hanging! I've still got to hand sew the binding down, I was going to do so with some Dexter last night, but I got sidetracked with my Neptune jelly roll, or rather most of one ( I used a few strips for phone cases a couple of years ago).

I used up all of my strips I had left, and just started sewing 5 together. then I cut those into 10 1/4 " squares
Here's where I started laying them out..and I have really, really got to get my design wall up!

This will be the center of the quilt, the plan is to add a border in a beige/tan kona (I can't remember the actual name) followed by a border of scraps, then the tan again and bind it in This DS Quilts fabric I found at Joanns today.

I didn't buy it yet, mainly because I haven't decided how big the quilt will be when I am finished, but it feels good to have a plan :)

Here's hoping for a bit more sewing today!


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