Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thrifting goodies and a little something new!

Minion 2 and I went thrifting yesterday, and what started out as a clothing trip for him became that and so much more!

He's always been my child who loves yard sales, antique stores and thrifting, and of all the boys, he's always been my biggest cheerleader when it comes to my sewing and my biz before I stepped back. So, it really wasn't much of a surprise that he suggested we turn our fun into something more.

We had a stellar thrifting day yesterday, even with not getting going until late by 50% day standards!

Here are some of the goodies we managed to grab up..

Some Fireking, linens, and a couple of books for my library.

 I live the Pfaltzgraff winter berry, it's so delicate and elegant. This candle plate was only $0.45!
A Nora Roberts I didn't have, and while I don't read many Historical romances any more, I have the 2 companion books by Arnette Lamb, and for $0.45 a book, why not complete the set right?
 Probably one of my favorite finds of the day, 2 vintage pillowcases and matching flat sheet..$1.50 for all 3!
 And another great find..These ones might just live at my house for a bit, 2 vintage pillow cases with hand crocheted trim..see that 59 on that tag? that was a piece, AND since it was half price day I got them both for that..yeah, I love 50% off day hehe.
 a couple of fire king bowls for our new Etsy shop. 1962-66 Peach Lustre Fire King
 Wheat Cake Pan...also in our Etsy shop
 I picked up this wooden plaque for a quarter, I have plans for it :)

 Another fire King bowl (lid isn't original) This is the Federal Sunflower print. I'm not sure of the date, I have to wait for my book to research it.
 I loved this little pitcher, it was priced at $0.99, this was at the salvation Army, which wasn't on 50% off, but the price was right ;)
 This baking dish cradle came in at $0.99 after the discount, I have a project in mind for this one too.
 Another great find, this is like BRAND new!

 This was a bargain at $2.99, There are a couple of holes, so it goes into the project pile, I can't wait for the chance to work my magic on it!
Tomorrow minion 2 has to get his weekly allergy shot, we are going to hit a couple of places on that side of town to see if we can score some more stock..and this weekend there is an antique and craft show at a local high school..Let the hunt begin!!

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Super great finds!! I really love the gray and pink table cloth....