Friday, November 2, 2012

A bit more thrifting..

While out and about yesterday, Minion 2 and I stopped in at another area thrift shop. We didn't buy much, as we're trying to pace ourselves..and we have a antique show we want to go to tomorrow, but what we did buy was at a good price, and perfect for our booth.

This set of coffee mugs are just lovely..
They are more mustard in color that the picture shows

This boxed set of stainless steel knives from Japan
and lastly this little vase. Normally I wouldn't have bought this as these type of vases are a dime a dozen at thrift stores, but this one is a Hoosier glass milk glass, so we snagged it.
I hopefully will get these listed over the weekend..and maybe find a few more treasures tomorrow to add to them ;)

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