Friday, November 29, 2013

Pen(cil) in hand?

Once upon a time, many moons and 3 children ago, I was rarely without a pen or pencil in hand, sketching or writing poetry and short stories.

Somewhere along the way, with hustle and bustle of being a Wife and Mom, I drew and wrote less and less. Going through some old boxes of books and magazines, I came across a few of my sketches from a couple of years ago..and it makes me wonder where might I find the rest of my earlier art and musings?

We've moved many, many times over the years so I fear they may be lost. But with the loss of my own Mother a few short weeks ago, I find myself wanting to try to find these lost pieces of me so I may share them with my children, and God willing, their children's children. It's important to know where one comes from, and not just from the medical history stand point.

Does the daughter of my brother know she comes by her artistic tendencies naturally? Has she ever even seen some of our (her Great) Grandfathers drawings? Does she know she shares that trait with her cousin, my eldest? or even myself? Who did my Grandfather take after artistically?

These are questions I want to make sure my progeny have the answers to, as best as I can answer them myself, and the best place I can start is with me.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Save a tree, and your sanity with this quick and easy pattern tip.

For my sewing friends:

Save paper, and wear and tear on your favorite patterns, Go out and buy some of ClosetMaid shelf liner and trace your patterns onto that..Since it is vinyl, the edges won't roll or tear, and you will get consistent  tracings. For easy storage, punch a hole into each pattern piece and tie or use an opening o-ring to keep each patterns' pieces grouped together.

I got mine at Home Depot (Home Depot has NO idea who I am, and for that matter, neither does ClosetMaid lol!)