Tuesday, September 7, 2010

SCORE!! or, Why I love thrifting ;)

I know what you're thinking..Wow..this is truly amazing..3 posts in less than a week?!?
Yeah, Don't get used to it..I'm like the wind, forever changing directions LOL!

While you are all pondering such deep insights into my neuroses, why not check out my latest thrifting finds? This trip combined 2 of my favorite things; Bargains and crafting supplies!

My first find of the day is this adorable frame..The picture will not be staying though, It's sweet enough, but definitely NOT me :).
I just love the flower detailing, and finding round or oval frames is not as easy as one might think! This will eventually go up on my frame wall..provided I get it done before the beginning of the next millenium.
Next was this set of check files. We don't write a lot of checks so I doubt it will be used for that purpose, but they were cool and I can "see" how they will look after some sprucing up! Maybe I'll use them for client information or something. I don't know yet *shrug*
Ok..This has to be the steal of the decade. 20...yes, 20 zippers for....ready for this? $1.00!!!!
Various Fabric pieces and scraps ranging in size from 6" x 10" to 34" by WoF (width of fabric for those non sewing readers :)) See that OSU scrap?!?! I'm going to have to figure out something special to use it for!And lastly, but most definitely not least..Vintage Sheets and pillowcases!!!
The top pink pieces are 2 pillowcases, followed by a torn bottom sheet, the blue ticking is 2 cases, and 2 sheets in a double bed size, and the flowers is a full size set of pillowcase, bottom and top sheet.My total expenditures for the trip? $18.58 after taxes. I'm well pleased :)
Ok, time to get something started for dinner.

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Kristen said...

Wow those are some scores! I love a deal too.

Has the paper picture itself found a home? My daughter's room is in peach and she loves dogs... It is so hard to decorate when everything is so PB pink! Just asking...Ok if you have. :)