Monday, March 28, 2011

Antiquing with Hubby, Craigslits buys and Goodwill Scores!

Ok, I can hear what you're thinking..How on earth is going shopping going to help decrapify our home?

Well, in an odd way, it does.

See, as we find new accessories and furniture we are able to get rid of the rattier, crapified stuff, which makes the place look nicer, which in turn means that we are better about not letting crap build up.

The rules of acquisition are thus:
Does it have a use?
Will it have a "home"?
Do you love it?
Does it fit the budget?
Will you discard something else in order to bring it home?

If the answers are yes, then it's all good, if I answer no, it needs a bit more thought.

Since I did a major decluttering when we painted the loft, we were able to get a couple of accessories to replace those that were no longer...Us.

 Bill got this really cute masculine candle lantern that he plans to use in his office, and I got the Owl candle holder and the 2 milk bottles.

The milk bottles are going to be so sweet on my kitchen table as vases with single stem flowers in them.  
The owl? Well, it's just the perfect touch of whimsy and will eventually live in our bedroom.
We have also picked up a couple pieces of furniture, all of which are project pieces, but now that spring is almost upons us I will be able to get to them!

First up is this Chair, It was a $10 Craiglsit buy and really, if the fabric weren't so dated and ugly, it wouldn't need any work!
I also got an antique vanity ($35!! A major steal!), but I don't have pictures yet, and it DOES need work! And for the kitchen, this Stand was a great bargain and allows me to store my glassware out where I can see how pretty they all are when they aren't in use!

And yes, I do use the vintage glasswares, even the Pyrex mixing bowls That were a new in the box gift from my SIL a few years ago(thank you again Lisa!!!). What's the sense in having them if you aren't going to use them, Right? .
And finally, last week I started scouring used furniture stores and thrift shops looking for a tv stand for the new tv. I knew what I wanted, but I was having NO luck!
Finally, on my way home from what I thought was my last attempt I spotted a goodwill..How I'd missed it on my way (I was enroute to a rummage sale) I have no idea..I guess I was paying too much attention the the GPS LOL!
Anyhow, I zipped into the parking lot and popped inside. I looked around at a few things, and found a cute vintage plate to add to my dining room wall, a very small chicken wire egg basket for my easter display and was on my way to check out when out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of This:

Is it perfect? No, It's scratched..fairly deeply on the front there, and the chrome knobs will be going sooner than later. But other than that it is *almost* what I was looking for in a tv stand. BUT it was $20! SO when it warms up it will go out to the garage for a makeover, and I will not bemoan the lack of shelves or drawers between the glass doors, nor will I cringe over the modern lines of the legs, because really? once it's painted and distressed with some awesome new knobs, I am going to LOVE it!

I will be back later this week with the rest of my latest finds, and hopefully a craft or 3!

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