Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Samplings

Today has been a gorgeous day so far, with only a minimum of the scattered showers and none of the t-storms that were predicted. All of which suited me just fine because I got to go do a bit of yard sale shopping today!

Now, thanks to the Hubsters warning of last week that if I brought home one more stick of furniture before we got some projects finished he was going to start carting stuff to the curb I passed on a real cutie of a stand..which I'm regretting a little but I'll get over it lol. But I did manage to find a few real good deals.

I hit 8 yard sales today, at the first one these fabrics were marked $2.00 for each print, there are at least 2 yards of each, and the oranges are more like 4 yds!
At a different yard sale I picked up a Picture (for the frame of course) for $1.00, and 6 sweet little gavanized planters for some herbs for $1.50.
At a third, a vintage quilt book for $1.00
The 4th and 5th were busts, 1 was all baby stuff and the other was way over priced.
The 6th was a doozy

See those cones? That's sewing thread, 6,000 yards of coats, brand new still in their sealed plastic...$.25 each!! I picked up 2 of each color and plan to share the wealth with my sisters in law. I also picked that picture up there for another whopping $.25 making my grand total at that yard sale $3.25.

at the 7th stop I picked up 6 locker drawer fronts like these:

from the PBTeens locker bed in orange and green for $.50 each. I'm going to make some rolling under bed storage and I have an idea for Minion 3's reading nook for a couple as well.
The last yardsale didn't have much, it started to rain and I was hungry and just about to the end of my $20 budget, so I headed home and unloaded.
Just as I was about to grab a quick sammich and write this up, Hubby poked his head in my office and invited me out to lunch and a quick stop in at the local half price books. I, of course, jumped right back up and we had a wonderful outing with just the 2 of us, and now I have Nora Roberts' The Search to read tomorrow!

Wow, time sure flies! I need to get get dinner started! Fortunately I had planned ahead and have had some steak cubed and in some bourbon street marinade with some mushrooms and onions since yesterday. I'll toss those in a skillet, add some baked potato and a salad and call it dinner ;)


lori said...

awesome finds!

lori said...

love love love the orange fabric (and the blue) are you going to be selling any of them? :)