Saturday, July 14, 2012

Thrifty goodies!

Yesterday afternoon I needed to get out of the house and decided I wanted to hit some yard sales and maybe a thrift store or 2. So after checking with Bill (Bi-polar + spending = asking for permission/cash for said purpose) I headed out the door with $20.

I actually only made 2 stops. My first stop was a HUGE church yard sale, and I scored SO much stuff there, all for $8!!

Then I headed over to my favorite thrift store. Let me just say, I typically only go on half price day, but man is it stocked on regular days!
So. here's my haul for the day..

8 vintage pillowcases, 1 vintage sheet, 2 vintage doilies (1 is actually a runner) 3 vintage towels. 4 trays, a stool, a wooden compote, a wall shelf with a quilt bar, a pair of purse straps, several packs of trims, about 20 or so vintage appliques and a box FULL of fabrics, a nice mix of vintage, newer out of print and new fabrics.

A tree candelabra, empty bourbon decanter (saw these on Pawn stars a few months back lol) and a really cool owl candle.
Also bought but not pictured as they were an additional purchase over and beyond my budget is 9 Dragonlance books in fantastic (almost new)condition. They had the first 2 trilogies for $.90 a book, and Bill was missing a few and his others are in not so great shape (I mean really, He bought them in like 87-88..and they've been around the world with him)

Well, I have one order almost completely finished, 1 to get approval on so I can proceed and 2 more to get started on gathering fabrics for. Plus I want to get My Doc's Baby quilt done before I go to my Appointment on Tuesday so I can give it to her, I mean seriously her baby is like 9 months now, so I'm off to do some more sewing, Later!

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Sew Inspired said...

Incredible. I have finds like that some times also. I had a good week thrifting and will be sharing them on my blog through the week. Keep going. It's so much fun.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Wow! You got some great stuff!!