Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Meal planning..and a printable!

 In my quest to simplify our lives, and my continued efforts to keep grocery costs down and the budget under control, I'm adding a more structured meal planning to the my weekly regime.

The trap I was finding myself in, and I'm sure the same goes for all coupon-ers, is getting lost in the pursuit of a deal..I was so focused on maximizing the coupons/sale combo, I was running out of budget before I got my staples or meal items. That isn't to say that I bought stuff we wouldn't use, just that I would lose sight of the bigger picture and would need to spend more money to flesh out what I had already bought.
Which is counter productive in the face of maintaining a lower grocery budget.

But I digress..The point is that I was making my lists according to sales and coupons but I was not tracking the actual costs, so when I would get done with the coupon deals and only had $10 to buy $50 or more worth of staples/needed items, well, I'd messed up, big time.

Sometimes in the past I was on my A game and had decided what we were going to eat that week and made my lists accordingly, but didn't factor any stock ups, and ended up having to pay full price mid summer for soups because I hadn't maximized my coupon/sales deals the fall and winter before. So after much research blog hopping and pinterest browsing, I came up with a series of printable ideas..And since Hubby likes playing around with desktop publishing, I presented him with an example of a layout I liked, and the information I needed to have on it. and here is the result:

The meal plan, shopping list, check box for coupon, where it's on sale (in case I need to price match at Wal-Mart) and the cost. As you can see, I'm not completely done here, and since I haven't finalized my staples shopping list needs for him to play with, I just added them to the bottom of this list.

Hubby has given me the green light to share the printable he made for me, But I do need to say thank you to for the shareware font that he used!

You can find the PDF here: 
Menu planner & shopping list printable

Until next time!

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