Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A few things..

Today was an early day, it should have been a very early day, but I turned off the alarm at 5:30 am and slept until 6:15

My day thus far:
Get up early to take boy 1 to work.
Take boy 2 with and grocery shop while out.

stop in at a new to boy 2 thrift store.

Get text from boy 1, he's very sick, needs to come home

Pick sick boy 1 up,  stop on the way home for boy 2 shoes, and caffeinated, carbonated beverages.

Arrive home, commence unloading car

Put away groceries, look outside and exclaim at how perfect the timing is!
This is what I saw when I looked outside..when we got home it was dry and nothing on the ground..I didn't even wear my coat most of the morning!

I'm so glad to not have to be driving in this, people forget to drive when it's wet or snowy or icy, or all of the above :(

For those of you wondering if we found anything at the thrift, just these wooden hangers, and boy do we have plans for them!!!

Have a crafty day!!

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