Thursday, February 14, 2013

Crafting beginnings

Ever start on a project, with plenty of time and using supplies you have on hand, and still not be able to finish it? That was me last night.

My glue gun, E6000, all but 1 alphabet stamp set, ink pads, pearls, rhinestones, ribbon roses, paper roses.., I think you get the idea, well, they are all downstairs in what *was* going to be my new craft room before Hubby realized my sewing machine was going to interfere with his work (Walking foot.) And the room is a mess due to the going through of my ridiculously over-sized stash.

At least I got some beginnings going, and I will be clearing the way through to my general supplies today, believe you me!

a couple of coats of French Lace..

 Some vintage trim..

This wonderful tarnished metal butterfly....I hope to have the finished product ready to share tomorrow!

Keep creating!

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