Monday, October 5, 2015

An experiment in quilt binding.

I am so excited about this one..
a lot of time, I will have an idea and it fails, miserably, but this experiment went SO well, I LOVE the finished result!

I've not *seen* an actually ruffled binding before, only faux bindings, and the occasional ruched rounded corner.  It took 10 times longer to do than a traditional binding but it was so worth it!

Would you just look at all of that ruffly goodness??  Almost makes me want to have another baby (not..just kidding universe!)
 Oh..and the rose fabric? yeah..I recently scored yardage of OOP Paris Bebe fabrics, so you'll be seeing more shabbiness coming from me :)

And here's some gratuitous shots.

This is my favorite frame ever, I found this in a little shop in the make an offer pile..$5 later and she was mine. Brought her home, cleaned her up and gave her a coat of my own chalk paint mix.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Don't be Crewel..

Today was a great picking day! In addition to the gorgeous velvet fabric I shared on my facebook page earlier, I also found some vintage treasures.

I fell completely in love with these sweet crewel works. They were sitting, unappreciated and forlorn on a shelf with some pretty rad (not) 80's "art". They cried out to me to take them home and give them new life.

Their previous owner had used masking tape to bind the edges of the linen (please, please don't do this! If you must tape, use an acid free tape made especially for this purpose!) But I think I will be able to salvage enough of the edges to not cut off any of the needlework.

Here's my dilemma; Pillows? Or quilted wall hangings? or maybe even a tote?

I'm leaning towards pillow covers..but!.. I would totally carry a tote with one of these front and center..What say you?

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Fresh aquamarine desk..A before and after

I was so excited to paint this desk for a client. The desk was in sad shape when I bought it, but I knew it could be fabulous with a bit of work!

I'm in love with the color that my client picked. it's a minty fresh aquamarine..and just gorgeous!

A bit of sanding, a couple of coats of my chalk paint, several layers of wax and some new jewelry and she was ready for her new home!

The aqua compliments the coral in my client's room perfectly..another happy customer!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Pianist's table: A before and after.

One of the things I have the most trouble doing is documenting my projects. Which causes me to not write the post about the project because I have no pictures, which causes me to not blog at all because I don't have anything to show/tell.

I'm going to be better about it.

That being said, I did actually remember to take some pictures of a few of my recent purchases. The first of which was this sad little table with a marble insert that had suffered a break and subsequent unsightly repair.

The repair that had been made was solid, so the insert didn't need to be replaced, just given a facelift. 
Enter our old standby Mod Podge, and some vintage sheet music.

Add a bit of Ink Chalky paint and a poly-acrylic sealant and she is dressed and ready for the curtain to rise!