Monday, September 6, 2010

More finished Sewing and home projects

So, as promised here are some more updates :)

Remember this chair from last week? It is now finished and has been appropriated by Minion 3 as "his" chair at the table LOL
A few weeks ago, Hubby and I ventured out to the Habitat ReStore here in the greater Columbus area. Besides scoring a FABULOUS Vintage sewing machine (post about that coming later) we also picked up this old 80's oak beaten up stereo cabinet. Now, I have to make a confession, I didn't see the hidden potential that Hubby did, BUT, I didn't utter a single word about it because I've been there before, and I know that sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees.
Anyhow, on to the transformation. I really wish we'd gotten a before picture. But let me just say that with it's dingy, facade, broken legs, and large size I wasn't totally convinced I wanted this behemoth in my kitchen.
I. was. wrong.
Hubby cut off the broken legs and put on a new, sturdier base to which he added locking casters. He cleaned it up, sanded it a bit and applied a few coats of Krylon Flat Black spray paint.
Let me say it again...I. was. wrong.
This stand is AWESOME in my kitchen. I no longer have to fight for counter space in order to keep the toaster oven out, AND since it's easily accessible it gets used much more often which saves energy since we aren't heating the huge oven up to cook with all of the time! ( on sentences anyone? LOL)
The large bottom opening is plenty big enough for my apple peeler/corer to hide behind my new recipe box, which is shown off very nicely!
The top of the cabinet is the perfect spot for the fruit basket (Banana tip: If you break the bunch apart they don't ripen as fast). And of course, I just had to make a little runner to fit under it. It's reversible so I can change it up easily..This is the whimsical side:( I just love the little hens and chicks!)This is the quilted patchwork side:
Well, that's it for me today, I'm sure the first coat of paint is dry on Minion 3's new shelf so I'm off to get another coat on.

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p.s.phyllis sews said...

Wow! You have been busy! I love the redo on the furniture. You scored big on those!!

The patchwork is really cute under the fruit bowl. I did not know about the banana trick. I can't wait to get home and try that.

Thanks for your comment on my blog (p.s. phyllissews) I really appreciate the encouragement.