Sunday, April 10, 2011

A sewing weekend!

It feels like it has been years since Jan Ome (janome..get it? yeah I'm THAT dork! LOL!) and I have been able spend any time together, but we've been making up for it this weekend!

It feels so good to be getting some projects ticked off my list! Michael (AKA Minion 3) got a TV in his room for his 13th birthday (yes, we are those parents..all of our boys had to wait until they were teens to have their own personal tv) But after putting so much work into refinishing his vintage dresser, Hubby didn't want to put the table straight onto that painted surface. Sadly, that means that Michael's TV has been sitting on his bedroom floor since Feburary 6th waiting to be set up.

Now, I don't feel too awful about it, he pretty much uses the tv in the living room constantly since that is where the Xbox and Wii are, but in keeping with my quest to end the procrastinating and getting our house in order It's time to get his room Finished! At least as much as possible for now, the major construction of the reading nook won't be happening until the decluttering and downsizing is complete.

So today I took an hour to whip him up a simple quilted table/tv pad (Runner) He picked the fabrics (kid has a good eye!) and it will fit right in in his room! My only wish is that I'd used smaller strips of white and used them between each fabric. But he loves it and that is what matters!

Last Night I also whipped up some Mug rugs, they are just waiting for the bindings to be sewn down and then they will be winging their way to Ireland :)

I've got more news and some great thrifty finds for you, but I'll save those for later in the week!

Have a great Sunday!

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Dandelion Quilts said...

Michelle, I just caught up with you at your other blog...I hope things are going better for you. Sorry to hear about that, I truly was. Love your projects today...good finishes!!