Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pac Man fever

Yesterday I finished up this purse and I'm not entirely sure I want it to sell.... 

I do know that I am very, very pleased with the design of the purse, the slightly tapering sides keeps it from seeming too boxy. I'll definitely be playing with this some more.

Bill managed to get my computer up and running, after replacing just about everything (seriously, we kept the original case and hard drive). It will be nice to not have to depend on the laptop, as it is just not up to the amount of graphics heavy use that encompasses my daily computer use, and this will also mean that my embroidery machine will be more than just a paperweight again :)

Coupons this week were not worth getting papers for so I have a free afternoon, I think I will do some more sewing, and maybe work some more on the quilt I've been hand quilting (pick stitch style) I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!


Hannah said...

Super cute!

Alecia @ ChickenScratch NY said...

I love love love your design! I'm not sure if my favorite part is the little bow or the little ghosts!

Thanks for linking up last week! I hope to see you back at this week