Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happiness is..

Vintage laces and trims organized and easily accessible.

The sewing room/office project continues, and with every little bit of organization, my heart gets lighter and lighter.

Who knew?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Some vintage doily hipsters..

I have been sewing so much here lately, and have just not taken the time to post.

I'm hoping my new schedule will keep me on track!

In the meanwhile, here are some more pretties I've been working on.

Violet Fields Hipster messenger

                                                          Farmhouse Chic Mini Hipster

And this was made for my MIL for her Birthday (Bill and I are the middle couple, and our 3 boys are the center 3 baby pics)

Hope you all are having a wonderful day, Today I am working on getting our workshop finished!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Repurposed goodies..

The past couple of weeks have been eventful to say the least, Farmer's markets, cleaning, clearing, reorganizing..but I managed to get some sewing in here and there.

This sweet little baby quilt, and the matching bunting is my current favorite..They were made from mostly reclaimed fabrics, with the exceptions being the batting and the white muslin in the quilt and backside of the pennants.

                      I've always enjoyed making buntings, and these 2 were no exception!

The top one is for sale in my friend Polly's shop, Georgie Emerson Vintage. The others are listed in our Etsy store

Well, back to it, Lots of goodies to create, not so much time lol!


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Vintage Strawberry tin

A few weeks ago I picked up this sweet little tin at a thrift store for $.30.

As they tend to do, the inside had started to corrode, leaving areas vulnerable to rust. So I covered up the outside of the tin and lid using masking tape and a plastic shopping bag,

and after a quick spritz of some Krylon spray paint

  (Ivory on the lid, Celery for the basin)
  I can now store my vintage buttons without worry!

The sewing room makeover is coming along, I can't wait to share!