Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Dear Mr. Fridgedaire,
Oh How I heart you with your roomy, gleaming cleanliness and your neatly organized shelves!
And Oh! What pretty labels you have!!
Will you stay so neat and tidy?
I do hope so!

On a serious note, the labels were really quite fun and easy to do :)
I didn't take pictures during the process today, but I will explain to the best of my ability :)

Card Stock
Alphabet. I used stickers, but stamps or vinyl (for those lucky cricut owners) will work as well
4 Self Laminating Pouches or a laminating machine. ( I used scotch 4 3/8" x 6 3/8")
3/16 hole punch
Skinny ribbon (mine was 1/8")

The first thing I did was to read the directions on the laminating pouches to make sure I didn't mess them up ;)

second, I traced around one of the pouches onto 1 of my cardstock pieces. then I drew a line down the middle long ways.
Cut the pieces out, being sure to cut about an 1/8th" inside your lines.

Use your stickers or stamps or vinyl to create your word for the label on the cut out card stock.

Following the MFG instructions place your first label in place, being careful to not close the pouch, slowly peel the backing paper down far enough to place your second label 1/3" below your first label. Finish peeling the backing paper off the pouch, smooth down.
I went around each label with my pen cap to ensure a good closed seam, then cut them apart.

Punch your holes in each corner and add a grommet, or not, as you choose and thread ribbon through the hole for hanging! I tied mine in a double knot and trimmed the ends close.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tote Bag sewing party is over for me..

We're about to sit down for dinner and then some TV here.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Kris and Kelly and the rest of the Charming girls and guys club for letting me join in for the fun!

I'll make the rounds again this evening to see everyone's finishes.

Tote Bag sewing party update 3

Update 3

Josie Bag is FINISHED!

Woohoo! I am loving how it turned out.

I did make a couple of changes..I decided to swap the back outside in blue and the back red lining pieces:
and I changed out the pink button for a white one on the front. It just looked better.


Tote Bag Sewing Party update 2

Update 2

2 hours in, Bag pieces are cut and prepped, and Embellishments are selected.
I've decided to have some fun with this one and include a bit of each color from the focus print in the accents.

It will either be a home run or a disaster, but honestly I just couldn't decide with accent I liked best LOL!!

I'm going to have a little break to check in with everyone while I have a bite for lunch, then get back to the sewing machine :)

Tote Bag Sewing Party!

Update 1

I'm all set to start sewing.

I'll be using my own pattern (The Josie Bag)for the red dot and paisley grouping, and most likely a basic tote for the Lily Pond which has been pre pieced, quilted and washed for crinkley goodness ;)

Although I may use my Joy pattern for that. I'm not sure, I'll have to ponder that while I'm sewing the Josie LOL.