Sunday, September 12, 2010

More thrifty Crafting and decor finds!

I should warn you, this post will be long and picture intensive, Hubby totally spoiled me this weekend and well, there's a lot to share!

It all started on Friday. While I was in Dayton for a Doctor's appointment, Minions 2 and 3 went to their Grandparents for the weekend leaving Me, Hubby and the almost 18 year old Minion 1 at home...which means I didn't have to do ANYthing!

On my way to the Doc's I stopped by a yard sale and picked up a couple of things:

These will all get a coat of paint, I haven't decided for sure what colors yet for the mirror or card holder.
The frame is another for my frame wall.

And then yesterday Hubby went with me to do some yard sale-ing and thrifting. We didn't get very tag sale and 1 thrift store, but you will understand why we cut the day short by the time you get to the end of the post LOL!

This was was the thrift store haul. Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb is my favorite author..and I didn't have this newest In Death book yet..3 bucks for a *new* hardback? Sold!
Come Spring is a historical romance I have in paperback and have read many, many times..When I saw it for less than 2 dollars I grabbed it.

The frame is yet another for my frame wall, I really liked the shape of it. The little yellow crockery is for a gift for a reader of my blog, so no details or close up pictures of it for right now.

These sweaters and glass bowls are for THIS idea from Stephanie Lynn over at Under the Table and Dreaming
And I just love vintage sheets, and these are FAB! The tiny jelly jars were a steal at .50 a piece and will be used for notions storage in my sewing area.

Before we'd hit the thrift store, we stopped by the tag sale and let me just say...I'm glad Hubby was with me because I very likely would have passed a couple of these up due to them being box lots. I do want to say that as we arrived we were informed that we should take 20% off the marked prices so everything was actually cheaper that it would seem by the price tags.

These were the individual pieces we bought.

I just love the Spider! I know it was intended for a terra Cotta style pot, but I plan to use a round glass bowl on it and fill it with candy. The large glass vase is also for the recycled sweater deal, There are 2 vintage sheet music books, and another gift for another blog reader so no specifics, sorry.

Now for the box lots...

This one was packed FULL of stuff!

Here's a run down of most of what was in the tote.

79 FQs

21+ yards in yardage

25 zippers

24+ packs of elastic

3 vintage ric rac packs

9 bias and hem facing /tape packs

7+ packs of velcro

6 packs of buckles

5 pks of hand sewing needles

vintage buttons, machine needles and various other sewing notions and crafty items.

The second tote was all yardage..60+ yards to be more accurate!

I hit the jackpot on this trip, and pretty much wiped out my thrifting budget for a couple of months, but I think it was well worth it!

After the thrifting trip and a quick run to the grocery I sat down with hubby and we watched some tv while I finished up hand sewing the bindings on a baby quilt and table runner which I will post about after they've been through the wash and had pictures taken for the shop listings.

Now I am off to work on this:

The cross stitch is one I stitched a couple of years ago, and the quick cuts FQs were in my stash. The rest is from the Box lots :)

Check back later to see what they become!


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