Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween and fall Crafts anyone?

I've been crafting like crazy here lately, has a little something to do with a couple of herniated discs keeping me from sewing for very long I think, but still, it's been really cool to work with some other mediums.

I thought I'd share some of my finished fall and Halloween projects with you!

First is my Table center piece. I LOVE this! I got this gorgeous look for under $20, and I will use at least some of it year round!

I started with a large serving tray. The tray was a $3.00 yard sale buy. originally it was that very red not really cherry but supposed to be cherry wood. Some Krylon flat black (Krylon is my go to spray paint! LURVE it!) a bit of sanding and it fit the bill perfectly.

What makes planning a centerpiece on a tray is that it is easily moved for table cleaning (or like for in my case, pinning quilts)

The jute vase is just a salsa jar that was wrapped in twine, It turned out SO well. And who knew I would love this twine so much. I hope Target gets more next spring, I bought 3 balls of it when I found it in the dollar bins, but I'm already down to my last one!!

The white pumpkins/squash were from the Dollar Tree, I just spritzed them with a bit of Krylon Ivory, then Used my Ralph Lauren smoke glaze to deepen them up a bit. The other 2 ceramic pumpkins were also dollar tree buys, but I decided to leave them as they came for this year.

The orange "pumpkins" are round glass candy dishes with cable knit sweater sewn around them.
Stephanie Lynn at under the table and dreaming was the inspiration for them, although I made mine removable. In the large one I placed a tall candle stick with a plain emergency candle in the center, then I tucked a few dollar tree fall flower bunches in around it.

The tall brown vase is actually covered with yet another (removeable)sweater I picked up thrifting, and houses a vanilla scented candle. so yummy smelling! And the patterns it makes on the walls when lit is so pretty!

And lastly I took one of the dollar tree leave sprigs and pulled the leave sections off and scattered them around the tray bottom.
I like!

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