Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween and Fall Crafts take 2 :)

SO Today I want to share with you some more of the fall and halloween crafting and decorating that has been taking place here lately.
Here you see my new to me corner shelf. Can you believe I got this for $20 bucks?!?!

I almost couldn't believe it myself! Anyhow, My fall display in the center there was really fun to do.

The clock frame I had in my cross stitching stash, only I just decided to do some fun Mod Podge on it instead! The paper was a bulk bargain from Tuesday Morning at the beginning of summer, and the glitter chipboard pieces and clock workings were from Michaels.

I'm sure you may recognize the halloween busts, they were from the dollar tree. I painted them with Krylon Ivory satin and then glazed over them with Ralph. The books are part of an old encyclopedia set that we inherited, and I just used some scrapbooking papers, stickers and my handy Podge to tunr them into Potions and spells books. The wire pumpkin was completed by following a tutorial I found online..But I can't find it again to give Credit to the writer! ACK!!

Next up is my buffet display. The runner was just finished on Saturday..I've decided to keep it because I like it so much :)I'm sure you also recognize the skulls. Who knew this would end up being a Pottery Barn Knock off? I certainly didn't when I bought these 2 months ago and dropped them in my hurricane LOL! I keep meaning to take them out and glaze them, and put them back with a bit of moss to create a true knock off. We'll see hehe.

The spider picture was just an old frame painted with flat black, a bit of the backside of my Tuesday morning paper, a beware sticker and one of the boys' old rubber spiders I salvaged from some toys we got rid of a couple of weeks ago. A little mod podge, a bit of glue and I think it turned out really cute!

The black and White gingham Pumpkins were a Target purchase..Aren't they adorable?!? I just couldn't resist them!

and Lastly The boo Blocks were created using some cut up 2x4 scrapbooking papers, Chipboard accents, letter stickers and..yep, you guessed it, Mod podge! There's also an exclamation mark but it wasn't working for me with 4 blocks so it's on standby until I make a 5th block.

Ok. So that's it for today, but I'll be back with more decorating, crafting and the after to this Freecycled before as soon as possible!

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Mod Podge Amy said...

Cute little spread! I love it.