Thursday, May 26, 2011

Timeout Thursday 2, and why it isn't 3.

I am so sorry..I missed last Thursday's Timeout post.

What can I say. Life happens and I'm still trying to establish the blogging habit. I *love* blogging. I am constantly thinking about what I should blog about, or I will try something new and think "I need to write a post about that!", or mean to share a before and after project and completely forget to take the before and during shots.

The problem comes from my long standing, bad habit of procrastination. And by long standing I mean one of my most vivid childhood memories is of my Grandmother telling me that I needed to not procrastinate so much. I was young, probably 1st or 2nd grade and when I asked what the word meant I was sent to the dictionary to look it up and it became my very first word of the week. I don't remember a lot of those..and there were many, but that first one has always stood out in my mind.

Now, while the word, definition, and spelling stuck with me, unfortunately so did the act of putting things off.
I'm working on it, but sometimes it's hit and miss. So now that the boring part is over, lets move on to the fun shall we?

Oh my goodness, look how sweet these cupcake stands from Nothing but country are!!

And this seahorse from Make the best of what's around?  LOVE!!! I seriously need to find a similar one for my bath!

This bow pillow from see Kate sew is too sweet, and will be a perfect fit for my loft library seating!

And I just had to include this fun project, Messy mimi's Monopoly money bucket is just too caaaute!

So that's it for this week's timeout Thursday, I hope to be back over the next couple of days with a project or 2 of my own!

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Tanya said...

Wow, thank you for showing off the Seahorse on your blog :) I've had several people ask to have it :) Maybe in a giveaway some day?!