Monday, January 3, 2011

Sharing some crafting from over the holidays!

I've not been being very productive the past little while, but just before Christmas I had been doing much better. Since I didn't blog much during that time I thought I might share some of my projects now.

This one wasn't me actually, Hubby took care of it for me while I was doing other things :)
Our cheesy cheapo dining room chandelier went from ick to slick with the help of a can of ORB and by replacing the glass globes with inexpensive shades. The shades are in line for some burlap treatment when I get to it :)

My Memo center, dressed for the Holiday

My friend Mollie's version, this frame still had it's glass so it only got 1 wire of clips in order to utilize dry erase markers as well.

I just Love me some Embellished towels, don't you?

Too cute Elephants!

Owlberta, She can actually grasp some surfaces in order to perch on her own.

Ribbon rose ornament, this was so super simple to make!

So that's all I have pictures of, there was more creativity going on but it's been a few weeks and well, who can remember it all?!?

Time to go take down the rest of Christmas, Later!


Sylvie said...

I like elephant! Have you a tutorial to make it, a friend likes so elephants !
Thank AmitiƩs

Michelle said...

I wish I could say yes, but this one is not one of mine, you can purchase the pattern here:

Retro Mama's patterns easy to follow and she is awesome to deal with!