Friday, June 15, 2012

Tummy bug

I know you all have been waiting patiently for the envelope tutorial, I am terribly sorry, I caught a bug and have been not so great most of the week. I'm feeling better now and hope to finish it over the next day or so.

In the meantime, I actually did some sewing for me last night, and made up some comfy pillow cases. There's nothing like being sick to make you crave soft and comfy!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Saturday Morning distraction #1

So as I said in my earlier post, this morning I was sidetracked by my sewing machine, when I should have been finishing the tutorial... The first thing I worked on was this quilt, I've had it pinned and ready for a couple of weeks, but there have been other projects that took precedence, so it's been patiently waiting on my cutting table.

It's size is such that it could be a table topper, wall quilt...or a stroller quilt.

 I used a moda S'mores charm pack, quilted in the ditch and backed it in one of the S'mores prints. It's finished with a fold over binding.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


I know I promised the fabric envelope tutorial today, but life interfered yesterday, this afternoon was spent taking my youngest shopping for the rest of his needed items for his week of Church camp and well, this morning I got sidetracked...Pictures soon! and I will get the tutorial up tomorrow or Monday :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Couponing Envelopes

 I am a coupon-er, no not an extreme coupon-er, ( because frankly the show is faked. But I won't get on my soapbox about that today) But I do alright, averaging about 68-72 % savings over all. And yes I keep track, I've got a spreadsheet broken down by store that gives me averages for saving via loyalty cards alone, coupons alone and total combined. on top of that, the cover page totals each store into a over all break down, including how much actual cash I've spent for how much value. Wish I was as compulsive about other financials. 

  So anyhow, on Sundays when I go out to get my papers (5 each week unless the inserts are extremely valuable to us), I usually clip and sort my coupons into my binders, grab the ads and make my shopping lists for Friday. Previously, I had been using envelopes for each store to hold my lists and accompanying coupons..but they are tattered and needed replaced. So today, I sat down and worked out some fabric envelopes to use instead.

I love me some red and aqua, and they will coordinate well with my binder cover when I locate the project bag (still buried in the shop inventory that is still taking up space in my garage and basement- sigh - )
I made 8 of them, which is one for each grocery store and Target, and one for the drug stores combined since I typically just price match their ads at Walmart. I still need to make one for my craft store coupons, but I have a multi pocket one in the planning stages for them.

Come back Saturday for a full step by step tutorial!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Vintage trailer inspired sewing

One of my favorite blogs is "Little Vintage trailer"
Mainly because I am living vicariously through the blog posts about glamping in them...with the hopes that one day my requests for one of my own will be answered.
In the meantime I'll continue to covet, and to make my own, albeit much, much smaller. versions.


 I whipped up this runner flimsy (aka top) in preparation of July Fourth decorating.

This weekend I've deemed a major finishing spree weekend. As of right now I have several flimsies and a few half bound items that really need to be finished.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The British are coming!

I am loving how this quilt is turning out, I used this tutorial to make a large union jack, Cathe Kidston style.

I framed it in a border of white and the gingham, and I want to add 2 more borders to build it out to a baby quilt size. The colors are so bright and cheerful!

Hopefully I will get the chance to finish this today or tomorrow, but if not it will just have to wait until the week's end.

Monday, June 4, 2012


Doesn't this just look soooo yummy? It's very simple, I just sliced up some granny smiths, strawberries, bananas. then tossed in some Blackberries and green grapes.

After I put them into the fridge to keep them chilled, I mixed up an angel food cake mix (from a box- Gasp! lol) and baked it up..

Slice, top with the fruit salad and a dollop of sugar free whipped topping. SO refreshing and light for a hot summery day!

Today I started on my plan to exercise everyday, and it's going to be hard. but I am tired of being overweight and I need to strengthen those muscles, or my back and neck is only going to get worse.

Also today I started a couple of projects that have been building up in the garage, Up first is this old solid wood panel door I picked up off the curb. Look at this hardware: The knob plate on this side of the door is pretty rusty, but I love the details. The hinges were just as nice, I've saved them for another project sometime down the road. The door is part of a larger project coming up.
Also up is this rocking chair. This was a Craigslist find last summer, I bought it just as you see (minus the aqua paint) and it will be getting a total overhaul as well.

I almost forgot to get a before picture of it! Fortunately I didn't get too far before I remembered.

Tomorrow is another day and I hope to get these projects closer to completed.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Romantic shabby style Disappearing 9 patch - super sized

Here's a good example of how a traditional quilt block can look entirely different, just by changing the scale.

For this quilt I started with 8.5" Squares. Then I made my 9 patch blocks, each one with a white center.

Since I was using a single 5 fat quarter pack I had bought a couple of years ago, I did add a couple of prints from my stash. and I used some Paris flea market and white kona for the borders, and to build it out to a twin size. I hope to get this flimsy quilted and bound for Finish it Friday

From the scraps  I made a coordinating pillow sham several months ago when I first cut the squares for the quilt..

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Craft Book Challenge 1

I am so excited to take over the Craft Book Challenge from Leisl over at Leisl Made

As many of us do, I just love a good craft book! and I've been collecting them for years, intending to make projects from them and then finding myself putting them on a shelf to be looked at from time to time and thinking, "When I have time". Well, it's time to MAKE time for those projects!

So here is how it is going to work.
Every month I challenge you to create something from one of your craft books, it doesn't matter what type of craft, it just needs to be something (or inspired by something) from one of your craft books. At the beginning of each month I will be posting what book I plan to craft from for that months challenge and will host a blog hop to those who want to share theirs as well, and then, at the end of each month, I will post a linky party for us to share our projects and support each other in our endeavor to actually use our books!

This month I will be creating from Better Homes and Gardens' Bags Pillows & pincushions

                                   (which can be found here: )

I  selected the yoyo pillow for my first CBC project, I will be making a pair of these for a daybed that Hubby will be building for me in the coming months.

I hope you will join in on the fun!