Monday, December 9, 2013

Why JoAnn's?

Ok, over the last few days I've been noticing a trend of people getting down on good ole Jo's..and maybe this will make me unpopular, but, I think that they are getting a bum rap.

Don't like the long lines? Ok, I get that, who wouldn't prefer to get in and get out. but think about it, EVERYone is tired of standing in lines, so that employee that was not especially outgoing and cheerful?

Well, what you don't realize, or rather, you might if you thought about it, is that she has been on the floor for 6 hours, with every single face she sees complaining about the fact that their craft store is busy enough to justify staying open, and taking it out on her.

She is the Single Mom who got 2 hours of sleep last night because the baby is teething, and you are upset because her smile wasn't bright enough and she wasn't being :friendly: enough.

She is the grandma who just loves to talk crafting, but has been snubbed by the customer before you who couldn't be bothered to get off her cell long enough to communicate clearly what she wanted...and then blamed the employee for not getting it right.

She is the human who has been dealing with crownds of people so worried about getting a deal that they are rude, obnoxious and in some cases violent..and they get minimum wage. No Hazard pay..and if they are lucky they might be able to pay their bills.

So next time you've been in the cutting line for a few minutes, take a look..see anyone resting? I didn't think so.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

An oldie, but goodie, Junky snowman ornament tutorial

I posted this 2 years ago, but thought it was time to share it again, just in time to adorn your Christmas tree!

Haaaaaapy Birthday!!

No..It's not my birthday, nor is it my blog's birthday, but when I finished these cute ornaments I immediately thought of good Ole Frosty the Snowman, and the first words he utters when he comes to life.
I'm going to tell you how you can make your very own!
For those of you who don't know me, one of my favorite places, (besides Thrift Stores, Antique malls and craft stores lol) is the hardware store. Now normally, you'll find me shopping at Home Depot, BUT Here lately I've discovered that the Menards 20 minutes away actually has about 3 times the selection (*Gasp* I know, Right?) and is actually quite a bit cheaper (Sorry HD...I still love you though!!)  So while Hubby and I were out for a rare date night (Endless Shrimp anyone?!?!) we popped into the Lancaster menards to look for smaller packs of peg board hooks (which they had..Menards 1 - HD 0) and some lazy susan hardware at a reasonable price (Menards 2 - HD 0) and while standing there looking at their unbelievable selection of hex nuts (once again, menards scores..3-0, menards' game) I was inspired. I just happened to see them in my head, Hardware snowmen! and you really can't beat the prices! I got enough hex nuts to make 6 snowmen and it was a whopping $4.42..including tax. Except the wire, I had that already, and it was purchased at Home Depot.

So here's your Shopping list:

24 gauge wire
snowman body:
5/8 hex nuts
1/2 hex nuts
3/8 hex nuts
1/4 flat washer
2 1/4 hex nut OR 1 1/4 hex and 1/4 hex cap

Extra 1/4 hex nuts or beads/bells

1:  set a 5/8 hex nut on your working surface.

2: spread some E600 on one side of the 1/2 hex, place it, glue side down, onto the 5/8 hex.

3. repeat for the 3/8 hex.

4. on wrong side of the flat washer put some E600, place it onto the 3/8 hex

5. repeat for 1/4 hex

6. repeat for second 1/4 hex or hex cap.

7. set aside to dry

8. While snomen are drying, cut your wire into 5-6" pieces. Bend in half

9. half way down from the loop you formed in step 8, tie the wire into a loose knot. this can be done, it just takes a minute to work it into the right shape.

10. Slide your hex/bead/bell on 1 strand of wire. twist both strands together locking the bead onto the wire.

11. wrap extra wire up and around the top of the bead, this will be hidden between the snowman's hat and the bead.

12: thread the flattened loop throught the hex nuts and out the top of the snowman's hat. spread wire loop for hanging. and Voila! A hex nut snowman!

If you make one, please let me know, I would love to see them!

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